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Just a Few of our 100% positive testimonials

“Natalia is amazing hands down. Her readings are so unique as they are recorded so you can rewatch them at any time. Not only is she always so spot on her energy is pure and amazing.”

Victoria Talluto

“I was a skeptic at first but from the first reading with her I’ve been hooked on her energy and the healing she has brought and continues to bring to me. 5 stars doesn’t even capture all that this shop is!”

Melissa Cosgrove

“No matter what you order, it’s handcrafted with love. You cannot find her creations anywhere else…they are one of a kind.”

Mary Gross

” had the most amazing and right on target reading from Natalia. I didn’t have a particular question but let the cards talk and boom! There it was . She was spot-on to where I have been having issues, and she is totally cute on camera. 😉 I highly recommend her.”

Robin Wiggs

“Natalia is the best! I love all her products , but her soaps and candles are phenomenal.
Her readings are amazingly accurate. The readings are video recorded so you can watch anytime and as many times as you want. This has been a priceless feature to me”

LeAnne Tucker

“Natalia is very skilled in her craft. She has always been very flexible with personalizing my orders. I have made several purchases through LWT and have loved all of them. ♡ I would absolutely recommend this shop.”

Marissa Butler

“Natalia is very intuitive and can pick up on stuff you don’t even think to mention. She’s very kind and open about her work, and if you really want to get to the bottom of something, ask for the “no sugar coating” reading.”

Giselle Feuillet

“Natalia is absolutely amazing!! Her readings are spot on! And her products are top quality and genuine. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Amy Moon Vega

“Natalia is an amazing woman and she will help you grow to being the best you! She will change your life when you are ready to live it”

Shannon Tyler

“Beautiful page with a great woman behind all the wonder and magic here. You have great insight within the earth and spirituality. Thank you so much for your heartfilled guidance. Blessed Be ”

Amber Seth Jillian

“Being involved with these wonderful women has filled a long time void. This is a very caring and supportive group. So if you want to learn, have your questions answered and be supported through your own unique journey, this is the answer! Blessed be to all”

Teresa Fitzgerald

“I had my first ever tarot reading by Natalia…. spot on!! She answered all my questions and was very supportive! You don’t find that these days and it was a breath of fresh air. Thank You Natalia and, blessed be”

Tamara Davis

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