Anxiety and All the Shenanigans

Welcome to our Anxiety and All the Shenanigans Podcast! Talking about

anxiety and all the shenanigans that come with the Scorpio Full Moon.

Let’s start with a few questions:

How many time a day to you ask yourself what if this happens and what if this goes wrong / doesn’t turn out how i expected?

How much time do you spend worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet?

how much time do we spend thinking about something that hasn’t and probably won’t happen?

If you think about it, you’ll realize you spend a ton of energy and time freaking out about the unchangeable instead of dealing with it?

Focusing on what hasn’t happened yet. for example weather anxiety. You could be sitting there worrying about everything that c an go wrong with a storm, but can you change the forthcoming weather?

Then, the storm doesn’t happen.. (this occurs more often than you think.)


When we talk about how much this happens with you, as well as myself, you’ll notice it happens all of the time!

Talking about this shows an understanding that things happen. Things we can’t change.

Our main goal for the day is to accomplish getting through that day! We repeat this same cycle each day to get through it and accomplish things.

Every one of those days, there is always a chance something crazy will happen.

What to do:

1. Believe things will be OK | Catch yourself | Focus on Now
2. When things go wrong, circumstances are what they are. Only you can control this situation and how you react. Take a deep breath and breath it out, don’t stress. bring yourself to this moment.
3. Acknowledge what’s happens, what you can and can’t control. focus on what you can control.

Will be doing this podcast weekly. This week, focus on something and take some time for you, watch your worry and focus on anxiety.

write down what you’re worried about for next 1 minute. your worries and anxiety. be real. what is best way you can control your reaction, not the situation itself.

We will be back next week with podcast number 2.

Blessed Be

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