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Rumi- Learn the alchemy true human beings know: The moment you accept what troubles you've been given, the door will open. Welcome difficulty as a familiar comrade. Joke with torment brought by the Friend. Sorrows are rags of old clothes and jackets that serve to cover, then are taken off. That undressing, and the naked body underneath, is the sweetness that comes after grief.

Weekly Tarot Outlook | June 3 – June 9

Weekly Tarot Outlook | June 3 – June 6 Click on the Video Above to Watch Welcome to Light Witch Tarot’s Weekly Tarot Outlook. This Tarot Outlook video is for June 3 to June 9, 2019. Check Out All of Our Blog Posts
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Anxiety, Spring

Anxiety and All the Shenanigans | A Light Witch Tarot Podcast

Anxiety and All the Shenanigans Welcome to our Anxiety and All the Shenanigans Podcast! Talking about anxiety and all the shenanigans that come with the Scorpio Full Moon. Let’s start with a few questions: How many time a day to you ask yourself what if this happens and what if[...]
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New Moon, Tarot

Tarot Outlook | May 6 – May 12 | 2019

Tarot Outlook | May 6 – May 12 | 2019    Weekly Tarot Card Pull | Light Witch Tarot Deck Used: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid Focus on energy that you should be working on for this week. Staying focused will help you embrace the week[...]
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Working with Affirmations

Working with Affirmations A Light Witch Tarot Podcast What is an affirmation anyways? An affirmation is an encouraging phrase that reinforces positivity in the mind and body. With dedication, affirmations can work for you too. Affirmations in and of themselves are described as positive words / phrases / sayings that[...]
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What is a Witch? | Podcast / Audio Blog – Light Witch Tarot

What is a Witch? [follow facebook=”″ email=”” instagram=”” rss=”/feed/”] Click Play Below to Listen to Light Witch Tarot’s Latest Audio Blog / Podcast. If there’s a question that gets asked a lot, it’s where did i find my calling? And can others find their calling? I’m happy to answer that[...]
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Equinox, Seasons, Spring

Spring Equinox: Beginning and Renewal

Spring Equinox: Beginning and Renewal: Today as the sun moves into Aries, it is also the Spring Equinox. As we start the zodiac year and welcome longer days, we have an opportunity that Spring Equinox provides to start fresh with new, brighter energy. Get what you want most out of[...]
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Introduction to Tarot

I’ve talked a couple of times on the blog about card meanings, how to read tarot, and what it means when a deck doesn’t feel right, but I realized that I’ve never talked about the basics. I just assumed that anyone finding my blog would A.) already know or B.)[...]
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