Working with Affirmations

Working with Affirmations A Light Witch Tarot Podcast What is an affirmation anyways? An affirmation is an encouraging phrase that reinforces positivity in the mind and body. With dedication, affirmations can work for you too. Affirmations in and of themselves are described as positive words / phrases / sayings that can help to raise your […]

What is a Witch? | Podcast / Audio Blog – Light Witch Tarot

what is a witch podcast

What is a Witch? Click Play Below to Listen to Light Witch Tarot’s Latest Audio Blog / Podcast. If there’s a question that gets asked a lot, it’s where did i find my calling? And can others find their calling? I’m happy to answer that second question with a Yes, you can find your calling. […]

Spring Equinox: Beginning and Renewal

spring equinox blog

Spring Equinox: Beginning and Renewal: Today as the sun moves into Aries, it is also the Spring Equinox. As we start the zodiac year and welcome longer days, we have an opportunity that Spring Equinox provides to start fresh with new, brighter energy. Get what you want most out of life! Dandelion has long been […]