Creative Flow Yoga Class

Creative Flow Yoga Class – Happy Day everyone! So happy you have joined me today! Today we are going to do a compliment creative yoga flow, for energy, focus and clarity.

All you need is a mat, and block are optional!

As you guys know I’ve been doing yoga for years and decided it’s time to share the magic with everyone.

My yoga classes aren’t love and light, there will be cuss words, there will be laughter, but most of all, there will be empowerment and learning to love and accept our bodies as they are.

This type of yoga, meaning not a set sequence, we have moments of shaking it off, and a lot of release.

I want you to follow at your own pace! Honor your body. Honor your breath. Let the breath guide you. I want you to just hang out with me for the next 45 minutes!

Also being my first class that I teach, I would love for you to send me feedback to [email protected]

I plan on sharing classes on donation based only in the near future, so your input is very important to me!

So, get ready, and let’s do this together!

I Love You – Blessed Be – Xoxo