Equanimity – Standing Still

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Equanimity – Standing Still – Hi guys and thanks for coming to my blog!  We are looking at the backward step into equanimity. Equanimity means to be able to find your composure even in the most difficult of times, in the most basic sense. However, we dive deeper into the why and how to accomplish being able to pull yourself back to equanimity.

Awareness is the Key to Equanimity

When we remain firmly planted in awareness, we break free from the power of thoughts to cause pleasure or pain, aversion, or attachment. To see how this works, picture a train station; Trains pull in, stop, stay until passengers get off and on, and then leave again. Awareness is the train station and thoughts are like the trains. They arise stay a while and leave. No train stops permanently in a station, just a thought which continually arise and subside in awareness.

Awareness is What You Make It with Equanimity

In this analogy, getting on a train is like believing a thought, it can take you to a heaven filled with good feelings, like happiness and satisfaction, or it can take you to hell with bad feelings, like anger anxiety and resentment. We ride some trains a bit more frequently, so they stop at the station more frequently and we travel those routes more often. But if we remain at the station and never get on those trains the train would eventually be discontinued.

Cultivate Equanimity and Take Control

To remain on the platform is to take the backward step. This is a powerful technique to cultivate equanimity. We can remain still and watch the impulse to hop onto thought traits. We can learn to watch thoughts non-judgmentally as they arise and subside. We see clearly that all thoughts, emotions, and events arise, last for a while, and subside. Nothing is permanent. We also see that thoughts are harmless in themselves, and they can’t take us to heaven or hell unless we believe them.

Crystals for This Week

  • Amethyst: Grounding, inner peace
  • Amphibole Quartz- helps soothe anxiety
  • Rose Quartz- universal love
  • Candle line
  • Recommendation for this time- Curandera Medicina Line.

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Wishing you all a beautiful week.

I love you, Natalia