Herbal Energy Candle – Using Your Candle

Herbal Energy Candle – To use your candle, make sure you are balanced and centered.

If you work with casting a circle, make sure you do that.

Place your hands over your candle and speak your intent. Feel the intent coming from within. Feel it, and when you are ready light your wick. After lighting the wick, you will feel the intent even more.

Candle can burn as little as 5 minutes but make sure you don’t burn it for too long, as jar or tin can overheat.

For protection, reversal candles, you may speak their names in your intent, or to take it a step further, write their names in a parchment paper, have a fire sage bowl next to candle and burn paper and place in fire sage bowl. Get rid of the ashes outside of your home.

Important thing is to think of your intent daily. Work with that energy every day and feel it.

Working with energy oils (roller bottles)

You may wear your energy oils in your wrist, heart center, or energy point of your choice.

Think of your intent and you place the oil on your skin.

Can bring with you to reapply if needed.

Working with Conjure Oils

You can use your conjure oils in different ways.

To dress your Herbal Energy Candle: place a few drops in your candle to add energy to any candle or spell as you speak your intent.

Abundance oils can be rubbed in your wallet for Abundance, or even put a little bit in your front door, business place or anywhere you work with money, or business-related things.

Oils can be worn on skin, used for candles, talismans, and any way you can think of. The important thing is to use your intent.

Thank You All for Being Dedicated Clients and Friends!

You are amazing.

Blessed be, Xoxo