New Moon in Libra Ritual Fire Candle 16 oZ


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Use for open road rituals, abundance, prosperity, grounding and bringing opportunities into your life.
Candle is crafted in ritual Fire and sacred ceremony. Burn with care
Candle contains our sacred blend of Herbs and crystals.

The September 2022 New Moon is occurring as Jupiter nears its opposition, or its closest point to Earth for the year. That will occur on Monday, Sept. 26, and will mark Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth in 70 years

September has been a month of changing energy. It began with a strong flow of retrograde energy coursing through the cosmic skies, which always slows things down, getting us to pause, reassess, and deal with matters of the past.

this New Moon brings open, expansive, and gentle energy, reminding us to focus on finding our balance. The cosmic music that flows from this New Moon is sweet, harmonious, and aligned to help us vibrate with our true and highest Self.
Under the dark night of the New Moon, ask yourself, how and where is my energy best used? Where can I be of greatest service?
Your energy is a precious resource, and even though life sometimes brings situations we must attend to, we always have a choice (even if it’s just a small choice) in how we approach those situations and how much those situations are going to deplete or energize us.
Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunity, and abundance is very active under this New Moon, adding to its sweetness.
Jupiter brings a strong illuminatory effect to this New Moon, allowing us to see things with a greater clarity and higher perspective.

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