Shamanic Journey Candles


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Shamanic Journey Candles

Shamanic Journey Candles by Light Witch Tarot

Upper World | The upper world in non-ordinary reality is a place primarily where shamanic spirit teachers will be found, although animal spirits (power animals) may also be found there as well. (It is a matter of likelihood;animal spirits are far more likely to be found in the lower world, and spirit teachers are far more likely to be found in the upper world.)

Middle World | The non-ordinary middle world is what the practitioner enters immediately after leaving their physical body during a shamanic journey. Once leaving their physical body, they are in the non-ordinary middle world until they push through a sort of ‘portal’ that goes into the upper or lower non-ordinary realms. There is always a kind of ‘membrane’ with substance between the worlds.

Lower World | The shamanic lower world is a place that is primarily is populated with animals, and usually filled out in some kind of natural geography. The animals you find the shamanic lower world may appear as recognizable planetary animals (birds, fish, and all manner of creatures), although just as likely they could turn out to be mythological, legendary, and completely unencumbered by any biologically familiar Earthly forms! You might find yourself in a desert, on a mountain, at one of the poles, or on an island somewhere. However, and wherever you find it, more than likely the terrain that you discover is typically very natural and very familiar Earth-wise.

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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Upper World, Middle World, Lower World


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