St Expedite (Quick Results) 16 oz Conjure Candle


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Saint Expedite is a powerful and efficacious spirit, turned to throughout the globe for quick results and material intercession, especially in the case of emergencies. Most famed for delivering fast cash and bringing a swift end to lawsuits and bureaucratic nonsense, he can also be called upon to expedite the results of other magical work and prayed to for all manner of manifest results.

Once your petition has been granted make sure to place an offering in the altar.


The two most basic offerings for Expedite are the aforementioned candle and glass of water. The bigger and more important your request, the more in the way of offerings you should give, to the degree you are able. The full list of favored/ common Expedite offerings includes —

Glass(es) of water
Slice(s) of poundcake. Sarah Lee is rumored to be his favorite, which can be found in the frozen desserts section of many grocery stores, but homemade or other brands will no doubt suffice
Red flowers, especially roses
Red wine
Palm fronds
You do not have to give all of these at once. In fact, it works better to “pay” St. Expedite half up front and half upon delivery of your request, to incentivize him to act even faster. The following ritual structure and prayer is arranged to accommodate this, but feel free to deviate to what makes most sense to you.

Timing — St. Expedite + Astrology

In an ideal world, it’s best to establish a new Expedite altar (or clean and re-arrange one), along with give offerings and make requests on Wednesdays, his customary day, as well as the day of Mercury.

100% soy wax

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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