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Welcome to my ancestor course where we will focus on learning about the ancestors, the Blood, Time and place ancestors, as well as how reincarnation plays a role to which ancestor to work with.

We will learn how to get to know the ancestors with Tarot, meditation and spirit session.
How to work with them for guidance, altar and spells

Over 25 years of experience

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1 review for Ancestor Course

  1. Christy Williams (verified owner)

    I loved this course so incredibly much. My father passed away a few weeks ago and Natalia has brought me so much comfort through this course. After I finished I went into a short mediation to ground myself and then broke out my tarot cards. I received complete chills and had a good healthy cry because my dad came through to me in both spreads. I even knew which card was going to come up before I even pulled it. Thank you, Natalia. You are truly a gift.

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