July Course: Protection from Lower Frequency


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Our July course will be sent through email and you can watch at any time!

In this course we focus on how to protect our self from lower frequency, whether it’s envy, jealousy, gossip or us unwillingly, unconsciously falling into that frequency ourselves with limited thinking or belief about our own self.

We will focus on
And building our energy and calling our power.

Course will include 4-6 videos.

You can watch them at any time.

Everything you need to know will be included, from sahumerios (smoke cleansings) to aura, body and mind cleansing…

This will teach you how to protect yourself, and as well as offer it to friends, clients, family.

See you there!

Natalia was initiated as a curandera through ceremony of her elders.
Over 20 years of experience.


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