The Jungian Archetype Reading


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Carl Jung himself, who classified the human psyche as having three parts: the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious, described archetypes as being highly developed elements of something known as the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is what Jung referred to as the knowledge and experiences that we share as a species, a sort of echo of information through the generations. He believed that universal mythical characters reside in the collective unconscious of people all over the world and that these archetypes have an impact on how we live our lives.

There is a great deal of debate regarding how many archetypes there are, but the most common consensus is that there are twelve main archetypes. That being said, here we will only discuss five of the more well-known ones: Persona, Shadow, Anima, Animus, and Self.

In this reading we explore your archetypes for guidance and self knowledge. This reading will shed some light into your journey and may answer many questions that you may have about your journey.

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