New Moon in Capricorn Ritual Fire Candle *Pre- Order


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New moon in Capricorn ritual fire candle, crafted under the new moon, outside in sacred fire.

New moons mean new beginnings, and the January 2021 new moon is set to be extra powerful, given that it’s the leading lunation of the calendar year. 2021’s premiere new moon peaks on the night of January 12 (or just after midnight on January 13, if you’re on east coast), and it’s offering every zodiac sign the chance to align their New Year’s intentions with the lunar cycle.

Use this candle as a road opener, manifesting new beginnings into your flow.

Candle is dressed in curanderismo style, meaning all herbs, roots and crystals are layered through out the candle and not on top, for a deeper stronger burn.

16 oz
100% soy wax

Burn with care

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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