Finding Your Calling Zoom Masterclass (January)


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Welcome to our finding your calling zoom master class.
In this class I will be guiding you to work with your self trust, allowing your curiosity to guide you and how to dive deeper into your life path.

We will be meeting through zoom, and it will also be recorded so you can watch at any time.

As you know I was initiated as a curandera, and have work with clients for over 20 years, all types of cultures, and most of all, energy.

Here we will dive deep and see what you are feeling, where the path is taking you and how to take it to the next level.

I will be pulling a card out for every participant, and emailing that reading in private.

So if you’re ready to see what that feeling of more means, then come join me.

Class will be 60 minutes, and I would suggest you attending live! If you can’t attend, you will receive a video of the class for you to watch at any time!

Let’s do this

Email will be sent in January letting you know what day our zoom class will take place!


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