Spiritual Medicine Mentorship Program


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Welcome to our Spiritual Medicine Mentorship Program.
I’m welcoming 7 women/men to this circle.
We begin April 2022.
In this circle we will focus on private mentorship, including manifesting, spell work, healing work, tuning in, working with spirits, following your path, and more.
Before circle begins you will receive a questionnaire, and I will be creating a very personal group mentorship.
As a group, you can watch your sessions at any time, at the end of our 30 days, we will close with a zoom meeting to share our progress and any questions or lessons…

Circle will last for 30 days.
1-3 classes weekly, personalized for group.

Come join me.

I’ve mentored thousands of people since the late 1900s, so if you are ready, this is your chance.

We begin April 2022


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