Altars and Divination Online Workshop

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Welcome to our altar and divination workshop, where we will learn step by step to Trust your inner guidance on how to set up altars for different energies and occasions. We begin with ancestor work, healing work, everyday altars, gray magick, light magic and much more. We will focus on the simplicity of trusting your energy in the craft, as well as working with elements that have easy access.

Workshop will be emailed August 16th

With over 20 years of experience! See you there!

1 review for Altars and Divination Online Workshop

  1. Angela Sciarrino (verified owner)

    I was very excited when this workshop came out in the shop. I have been working with an ancestral altar for about a year and I was taught that there were very specific things I needed to do with it and put on it. I like the way that Natalia explains how we can adapt our altars based on works for us. We don’t need special items to place on them. She explains the best location for your altar, how to create one without spending a ton of money, and how simple is fine! Location was a bit of a problem for me because when I first set up my altar I lived with flatmates, then parents, and now cats (who love to inspect everything on there!) Very informative workshop and great for anyone who is either just starting to work with an ancestral altars or even if you have already had one for years!

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