Candle Magick, Spell Room Workshop


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Welcome to my 4 week, go at your own pace Candle Magick workshop.
I’ve been making candles and working with spells since I was a child. In this workshop we get to go over my most asked question, how to work with candle magick, how to trust your intuition, how to create spells that are yours, how to read the flames, the wax, and how to incorporate crystals and tarot among other things to enhance the spells. From working with spirits, to healing, to banishing and cleansing, love, empowerment and so much more.
In this course we will have a private Facebook page, where we can communicate, you can ask questions and at the end of the workshop we have an open Q&A with me.
Don’t worry about missing out, you can watch at your own pace. You will also receive the course through email, so it’s yours to keep.

If you are ready to trust your primal knowledge, then this is the workshop for you!

Workshop will take place in September.

See you there!

Natalia is a Curandera with 25 years of experience. Learning everything she knows from her elders, she is considered a “Espiritista” and a “Curandera”. Running her shop for 25 years, and working with thousands of clients, she teaches in a unique way, that is real and easy to follow along.


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