I Am Fire -(I Fuck!ng Manifest) Manifest Workshop

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Who’s ready for our I fucking Manifest 2020 workshop??
If you are ready to live the life you seek, if you are ready to really get pass excuses and self doubt, if you are ready to literally make it happen then stay tuned because this workshop is for you!!!!!

We will be focusing on the power of intent, affirmation, raising or vibration, trusting our instincts, working with ritual and so much more! Last year we killed it with our “I fucking love myself” workshop and this year we are bringing the fire to the energy of manifesting!

Workshop will be emailed after purchase.

So if you’re ready, to live your truest rawest life, then come, join me!

Blessed be

Natalia M Ash has 20+ years of experience teaching women worldwide to rise into their power, dig within and allow their true self to shine! She focuses on energy readings, organic ritual candles and holds space for women in the tribe and beyond…

1 review for I Am Fire -(I Fuck!ng Manifest) Manifest Workshop

  1. Angela Sciarrino (verified owner)

    This is the most AMAZING workshop I have ever taken. I have been dealing with self-esteem and self-love issues for as far back as I can remember. I’ve read tons of self-help books suggesting affirmations, but they never resonated with me because I don’t talk that way in real life. I’m brutal, crude, and say it how it is. I absolutely LOVE that this workshop shows how you can still love yourself AND be yourself, swearing like a sailor and all! You don’t need to change into some angelic being wearing a halo with rays of light coming out of your a**. After watching this, I knew I had found my Tribe. Thank you more than all the stars in the sky for this workshop!!!!!

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