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Kundalini Rising Workshop

Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी kuṇḍalinī, pronunciation (help. · info), “coiled one”), in Hinduism refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine.

In this workshop we will learn deeply about the kundalini, active and dormant, how to go through the shift. We focus on mental imagery, extra sensory interaction with spirit realm, esp and the dream experience, astral projection and out of body experience,the mathematical measurements and prefixes of kundalini, getting to know your gene keys and more.

This 8 week course will help you understand and bring clarity to your kundalini rising energy.

With a Kundalini Reading at the end of the workshop for everyone we will embrace our path and build strength and knowledge.

Class will be in a private fb group, and you tube private video with private chatroom.

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