Learning the 13 Moons of the Medicine Wheel Course


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13 moons of the medicine wheel course.

Grandmother moon is inviting, mysterious, powerful. She controls the tides of the sea, illuminates our way at night and possess the power to darken the light of the sun.

The moon which you were born is your natal moon it reflects are in tendencies that are part of your personality it will also give you guidance as your inner strength and your potential weaknesses and they also provide clues as your soul’s purpose and your primary reason for what you enter the earth plane. Keep in mind however, that the guiding influences of each moon are just that influences that you can use for good or ill, no celestial or earthly influence can overcome the individual human will. It is your will that determines the choices you make in the actions you take because at the end you determine who you are.

In this course we will learn of the 13 moons of the medicine wheel as well as plants, stones, and spirit animals that are associated with each moon. Each moon has its own lessons as exemplified by their corresponding plants minerals and spirit animals.

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