Light Witch Tarot Witches Society


Access to Our Light Witch Society Content, Specially created for the LWT Society
Including, Tapping Sessions, Sound Baths, Cosmic Group Readings, Group Ritual, Vibe Sessions
and much more!

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Light Witch Tarot Witches Society

The Light Witch Tarot Witches Society is not a tribe…. it’s a portal of learning.
It cost $1 a day for a year and it has payment plan option
What’s included is joining 2-3 workshops a year covered in your price so right off the bat you save money. It includes all of the monthly email
Courses, tapping course, and tons of mini classes which is content specially made for the portal.
It includes for example sound baths, nighttime meditations, abundance rituals, cosmic rituals based on the cosmos, mini classes on tarot and oracle, crystal healing ect…
I’ve created the Light Witch Tarot Society for those who join us weekly, monthly in our special workshops, courses, and healing sessions!
In this Secret Witch Society we focus on workshops year round, Special readings, courses, and content to raise your vibes and clear your field!
You will be receiving an invite to join the society’s page, as well as content straight to your email!

Cost is literally $1 a day!

You don’t want to miss this!!!

Join us today!

Take a look at our workshops while  you’re here

Payment Options

Two Payments, Pay in Full, Monthly Payments


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