Luna Sol, Working with Moon and Solar Cycles Workshop

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Our May workshop we focus on working with both lunar and solar cycles, our sacred femininity and masculinity, bringing them both into balance, helping us enhance our power, intuition, knowledge, as well as our leadership, self esteem, and finding that perfect balance with grounding both. So many people will only focus on the full and new moon, that they miss out on the amazing power of all the lunar cycles, and rituals that are powered by solar energy as well.

In this workshop we will dive deep into both energies and learn how to incorporate both energies in our craft and daily lives.

Over 20 years if experience.

Blessed be

2 reviews for Luna Sol, Working with Moon and Solar Cycles Workshop

  1. Angela Sciarrino (verified owner)

    This is a very informative workshop. Most of us don’t actually know if we’re working with solar or lunar energy (even though we think we do!) I had originally thought I had an overload of masculine energy, but it turns out to the the opposite! Great tips for working with balancing both sides so that you are able to take care of yourself better and do your work as a healer more effectively.

  2. Christy Williams (verified owner)

    Super informative and things I never really thought about. I realized I’ve been carrying around too much lunar energy without a good balance of both the moon and the sun, yum yang. I’m never disappointed in LWT classes.

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