One on One Consciousness Session


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Welcome to my one on one consciousness session! I created this space for when you are ready to release your expectations and find the guidance you need within your inner oracle.

Session will be 2 ways: We can do one on one through Skype or one on one through phone.

We have a beautiful space for 30 minutes and we will be doing a Consciousness Card pull and finding ways to bring you into the now, and away from the over thinking and over worrying. When you are ready, you will find your source.

With 24 years of experience, this is a session that will change you life as long as you are ready!

You get to choose between 1 session, or one weekly session for 1 month (4 weeks) See you there!

This Listing come with two options:

One Session for 65.00


Four Sessions for 200.00

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One Session, Four Weekly Sessions


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