Oracle 101- Learn to Read The Oracle Intuitively

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Do you want to tap in to the wisdom of the cosmos? Do you wish you could always know without a doubt what the Universe would have you do next in your journey? Have you ever wanted to speak directly with your Angels and Spirit Guides? Oracle Cards enable you to do just that! Learn to use Oracle cards to maximize your intuitive interactions with the Divine to open channels for easy, accurate, and actionable communication with your Angels and Spirit Guides! This digital course guides you with understanding, interpreting, and using Oracle Cards like a pro!

As a reader and user of Oracle Cards for over 20 years professionally, Natalia has used Oracle Cards to deliver thousands of successful client sessions that have helped them breakthrough their blocks to experiencing a Divine dialogue with the Universe. With this system, you can too!

In this over 2 hour course, you will learn:

▲ What Oracle Cards are
▲ Who you are speaking with when using Oracle Cards
▲ How to bless and activate your deck for use
▲ How to shuffle and accurately pull cards
▲ The formula for centering for a reading
▲ How to read for yourself and others
▲ How to cleanse and clear your deck after and between use
▲ The best tips for caring for your deck and more!

Join Natalia to expand your intuition and develop your skills as an Oracle Card user and reader!

(This is a digital course and you will be emailed log-in information after purpose.)

1 review for Oracle 101- Learn to Read The Oracle Intuitively

  1. Angela Sciarrino (verified owner)

    This is an incredibly helpful and informative workshop. As someone who has recently started reading tarot and oracle based on intuition only , there were some things I did not know that I learned from this course. For example, I did not realize the importance of closing the portal after doing a reading. This was a huge eye-opener for me. Also, the way Natalia explains the process is simple and encouraging. Some people (“gatekeepers”) like to tell others that only “special” people can read oracle, but this is not true! If you feel called, there is a reason for that. I have watched this workshop many times. Highly recommended and honestly underpriced for the plethora of information you will receive! Thank you, Natalia!

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