Understanding Your Psychic Clair’s Audio Course

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Welcome to our psychic Clair’s course where we will be ping in depth with the different psychic gifts, from clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairscent, clairaudient, Mediumship and more.

Course will be emailed upon purchase and you can listen at any time. You don’t need anything for this course, and you can listen at any time.

Course will include 4-5 different audio courses, talking all about your Clair’s, as well as meditations, and exercises to strengthen your gifts.

Natalia M Ash is a worldwide energy teacher, healer, tarot reader and psychic. With over 20 years of experience, she has developed a very real way of teaching, that’s made for everyone, from beginners to masters.


1 review for Understanding Your Psychic Clair’s Audio Course

  1. Angela Sciarrino (verified owner)

    Before becoming acquainted with LWT, I had no idea what a “clair” was. I have always considered myself an empath, but after some conversations with a master healer, realized that I am actually a clairsentient. I wanted to learn more about the difference, so I signed up for this course. It contains an incredible wealth of knowledge explaining ALL the clairs. I realized that I actually have more than one, which is pretty cool. Highly recommended for people who are awakening to their spiritual gifts!

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