Spring and Sacred Spirit

Spring and Sacred Spirit – Welcome to Sacred Spring In march, as springs wakes up and great spirit, we celebrate our great spirit by celebrating our journey through the darkness of winter with the hope of blooming and prosperity.

What I love to work with during this new cycle:

Candle can be lit any time we need grounding, any time we are feeling over whelmed, any time we need recharging. Use the intent of grounding your energy.

My sacred aqua floral can be dabbed into your energy points, wrist, neck, back of the neck, chest, belly, third eye…. It brings focus and openness to be in the moment.

Spring and Sacred Spirit Energy Clearing

spring and sacred spirit

Our sacred medicine Cedar can be burned to clear energy, clear out stagnant or negative frequencies, and bring a sense of peace and grounding.

This is a great time to release what is holding us back and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Open those windows! Play your favorite music, and cleanse that stagnant energy of winter!

It’s time to work with planting the seeds that we want to see bloom. Believing in your energy. Not giving your energy away and setting the boundaries!

Pachamama is Waking Up!

Pachamama is waking up, and now we find ourselves surrounded with hope and possibilities!

What are you doing this spring? I love you Blessed be

Xoxo Natalia