Tarot Outlook | May 6 – May 12 | 2019


Weekly Tarot Card Pull | Light Witch Tarot

Deck Used: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Focus on energy that you should be working on for this week. Staying focused will help you embrace the week and maintain a positive outlook.

Focus on just about anything that benefits you and keep in mind all of the retrogrades.

This week we will be feeling mercury again and requires us to stay grounded, as well as be sure not to jump to conclusions.

First Card Pull – Monday, Tuesday

All That Glitters —- Make sure trust intuition to max. not everyhing glittes is gold, not everything that appears as blessing or chaos is such. Allow yourself to trust yourself on choices and things holding you back. Intuition and wisdom is key.

Second Card Pull – Wednesday, Thursday

Co-Create —- Feeling a pull with cosmic energy. Use creativity for self therapy. Oftne we find we are overthinking and come to a wall. Instead, use your creative ways to get past that and find inspiration. Being called to use creativity as some sort of grounding. Meditate, create etc.

Third Card Pull – Friday, saturday, sunday

Change in the Wind —- We will remain feeling the New Moon Taurus’ energy for the next two weeks. If you have felt changes, this is what is indicating.

There is a change or cycle coming to end.  This change could involve relationships or otherwise. Embracing fear is key. Worrying or being anxious is not useful, try your best to let it go.

Most Importantly

Counteract negative thoughts with positivity. don’t allow energy to take you too far, stay grounded.

Thank You for Joining Us for The Tarot Outlook for This Coming Week!

Blessed Be