What is a Witch?

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If there’s a question that gets asked a lot, it’s where did i find my calling? And can others find their calling?

I’m happy to answer that second question with a Yes, you can find your calling. No, you don’t have to be born into the bloodline or anything like that.

You just have to be willing and open.


Definition of the word, Witch

There are so many different definitions of the word, Witch. Should we listen to Hollywood’s depiction? Your neighbors depiction? The word, Witch, in and of itself has gained popularity in both a negative and positive sense, as of lately. No, we aren’t glitter covered teenagers, although we could be. No, we aren’t dawning black hats over a cauldron at midnight, although we could be. Witches are everyone and anyone. There is no unique talent that only resides in a few, only hidden talents in us all. What does the word, Witch, mean to you?

Popularity of Witches

When you think of a Witch, what comes to mind? For many of the educated, you will know that witches are healers and so much more! Not the scary stereotypes that books, media, etc represent us as. Growing up in a house of healers in the Caribbean, I have always been around healing magic. My Grandmother was always a huge influence and mentor as I was growing up. She was known for always knowing how to heal, straight from her garden!

Regardless of your background, heritage or anything else, yes! You can also be a Witch! Witches are back and very popular!

Crossing the Boundaries of Faith

Don’t I have to be a certain religion to be a Witch? This is the biggest myth that is told, to-date. No, faith does not matter, only you and your spirituality. Gifts cross the boundaries of faith each and every day!

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