Working with Energy Candles

Working with Energy Candles – This week we are talking some tips and tricks when working with our candles. As we hand craft all our candles, we know that some people may not know how to use them most effectively. In this blog, we will show you how to do so.

What is an Energy Candle?

An energy candle is burned to bring said energy into your space, and self. There is no certain perfect time or place for this to happen. So be sure to do this when you feel is necessary. Or when you feel it is needed and can help. Although the energy is strong in our candles, they will cause fires, so be sure to never burn unattended.


What is a Ritual Candle?

Our ritual candles are created to be used in various types of rituals and events. enhancing energy and helping with manifesting a long-term goal, healing, protection, and such. Candles range in names and uses. We carry everything. Including Sacred Spirit Light Worker Candles, Light in the Shadow (Sit with Your Shadow) Candle, Lucky Mojo 7 Day Candle and Much More!

What is a Spell Candle?

A spell candle is used in energy manipulation works. They should be backed up with your written or spoken words. Spell Candles require extra work when it comes to your frequency. With a wide array of spell candles to offer, we make sure that you have exactly what you’re after. When you need it! Check out these energy candles today and find out why it is that we are 5/5 star reviewed for almost Three Decades!

In our accompanying video below, I will teach you how to enhance the energy of all 3 candle types. Including tips, and tricks… and how to really focus on spell energy!